Date: Saturday June 26th

89% of public see increases in fuel, groceries, hospitality, holidays and clothes

The UK public thinks there is a jump in prices for many goods and services, a poll by shows.  89% say they have noticed an increase in prices for at least one of the following: fuel, groceries, hospitality, holidays and clothes.  66% have noticed prices increasing "a lot".

On Thursday the Bank of England shrugged off fears of rising inflation, insisting it is a “temporary” issue. Inflation is now at 2.1%, already above the Bank’s 2% target. The Bank admits inflation could go above 3% for “a temporary period”.

It is resisting calls to increase interest rates – which should dampen inflation by increasing borrowing costs – from record lows of just 0.1%.

Find Out Now asked their panel: “What goods and services, if any, have you noticed are more expensive as the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted this year?”. 

The top answers were included in a nationally representative poll of over 5,000 asking if they had seen a change in prices in:

Fuel: 67% noticed an increase
Groceries: 64% noticed an increase
Holidays: 46% noticed an increase
Hospitality: 48% noticed an increase
Clothing: 28% noticed an increase

Building materials was also mentioned several times, so Find Out Now also asked their panel of over 4,000 builders and tradespeople:

Building materials:  61% noticed an increase

Find Out Now founder Chris Holbrook said: “The debate about inflation is getting really interesting. If the Bank of England is right, it manages us through temporary price rises. If it is wrong, there is hardship coming for lots of people. The Bank has had a good crisis, and we hope it is right about this.”


About the survey

Find Out Now interviewed 4,643 general consumers online between Thursday June 24th and Friday June 25th 2021. Results for each category are based on a nationally representative sub-sample of over 2,700 within ±1% of ONS quotas for Age, Gender, Region and past voting in the 2019 General Election, and 2016 EU Referendum.  

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